10 Guiding Principles for Work: “The Watkins Way”

This remarkable set of character traits comes from the Watkins, Ludlam, Winter & Stennis, P.A. law firm. These are I think a exemplary set of principles to guide one’s life,  professionally or personally.


We will do what is morally and ethically right. Integrity is an essential character trait.

Dedication, Determination and Resolve

We will not quit until we finish what we have started.

Mutual Respect

We will not only respect one another’s differences, we will embrace the strength we derive from diversity.

Open Two-way Communication

We will listen and understand, even when we do not agree.


We will proactively respond to the needs of our clients, co-workers and peers.

Technical Excellence

We will aspire to be the best regardless of what others do.


We will express compassion that extends beyond mere words and leads to action.

Servant Leadership

We will serve our community and lead by example.


Everything we do will be done well.

Enjoying Our Career

We will have fun as we work. We believe people should love to come to work.


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