Psst… your intuition is calling.

An other jaw-dropping event occurred that this year’s Winter Olympics, the disqualification of Sven Kramer, speed skating dynamo of the Netherlands, in the men’s 10,000 meter race. It boggles the mind how a seeming inexplicable error, such a basic error, not changing lanes at the appointed time in the race, could occur. To athlete so finely trained, so on top of him game, but it did. I gasped when I realized what had transpired and was stunned in to silence along with crow at the track. Sven listened to misguided directives of  his coach. A mistake was made. In Mr.  Kramer’s words, “It is a very expensive mistake”, in his case costing a place in the history books,  likely financial loss for him and others and I venture to say costs to his pride and confidence in the support around him.

Okay, fine and well, this is a story most of us have heard why are you bring it up again? Well, because I think this is a powerful illustration of the importance of knowing yourself and your game, “hearing” and listening to your intuition. Following the path of what you know is correct, even when powerful outside forces suggest or even demand otherwise. In the end we are responsible for the actions we take and elect not to take, even when there are powerful outside forces.

It is likely few of us will be faced with this scale of public witnessing to or commenting on a moment in out own lives when a mistake happens and results in an unwanted, unfortunate consequence, but we all have experienced such an occurrence, when you just know you shouldda/coudda/woudda done differently if I have only listened to the little voice whispering to you. Not the devious self-saboteur that lurks within. This is not out blaming or beating yourself up or any one else for that matter.  Instead it is reminder that learning to converse with the core wisdom inside side of you is worth gold.


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