It’s February, how’s your energy stash?

February is the short is month of our calendar year. Yes I know there are fine scientific reasons for this being the case. However, I have a theory February is the shortest month of the year because for many parts of the country and in this hemisphere, we can’t stand the notion of many more days of winter. Dark, cold, snowy, sleeting days or where I am living now, hail and cold rain. We feel like our energy just gets siphoned off.  But for some reason March, regardless of the weather forecast states SPRING! And with SPRING comes energy, the word “spring” alone suggests potential for upward action and bounce, a lift.

So what gives you energy, nurturing, restorative, lifting energy? Like industrious squirrels and chipmunks we need to know what are our best sources of energy, collect those and make sure we use and replenish the proverbial stash. How’s your energy stash?

Grab something to write with and on. In 30 seconds list five activities that give you energy. Not things like drink 6 cups a coffee each morning. But going dancing, traveling, reading a book for pleasure, learning how to take photos, meditating for 20 minutes, etc.

Done? Did you have five wonderful; a few less, ok; none well, that’s wake-up call that the stash is pretty low and needs some attention- you need the energy to get up and done what needs to be done.

Now next to each one note the last time you did that activity. Was it yesterday, two weeks ago, a year ago, or this morning?

Is it time to replenish your stash or add a few more types of nuts?


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