You do what?

The past few weeks I have begun to settle in to a new city and State. As I meet new people the inevitable question, so what do you do comes up in conversation. When I tell people I am a personal coach, I find myself answering their next question, what is that?

Professional coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping athletes and executives perform at their best. Now professional coaches are helping people to achieve personal and professional goals that result in a more meaningful and fulfilling life and increase their well-being.

Coaching is about generative transformative change. It’s an ongoing professional relationship that enables people and organizations to feel and function at their best. Potential being your latent ability, capacity or possibility yet to be explored – whether you are seeking to  reinvent yourself personally or professionally, take on a big challenge or tackle complex problems.  You stretch your abilities and boundaries to pursue what captivates you, what is compelling to you.

We help you to get in motion and stay on your path with the knowledge, tools and encouragement to make decisions about what changes to make, how to make them  and develop strategies to maintain the changes you make.  Coaches :

  • Foster an a generative professional relationship focused on the client’s vision, goals, needs and values.
  • Elicit personal motivation for change or development- if you really don’t know why it is important to you, not your husband, doctor, boss or anyone else, but you, to change something, the change will not happen or it will not be lasting.
  • Support you as you improve your capacity for change by working with you to increase your resilience, self-efficacy and positivity.
  • Encourage people’s strengths, abilities, creativity and inner wisdom while balancing this with critical examination of what is and is not working for you.

Coaching works because we use a strengths based approach that focuses on where you are now and where you want to be in your life. We work as a team, to make smart decisions that support your vision, goals needs and values.  Coaching involves two critical components: 1) reflection, an opportunity to think about and clarify one’s visions, values, goals and hurdles; and 2) action, a commitment to take self defined steps to move towards one’s goals.

Coaching is not psychotherapy or clinical counseling. These are different activities and professional relationships. Coaching is not a substitute for either, but can be a complement to them, if you are engaged in either.

Using a coach can help you create or refine your life to work in harmony with your values, passions and purpose. Coaching may address a variety of goals, including transitions in personal or professional life, specific project completion, making time for your interests, job performance and satisfaction or other aspects of your life, business or profession. You’ll create a personal plan grounded in your goals, and take actions that make the most of your natural talents and creativity.


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