Wellness Coaching: what and why?

Back in November  I began a Wellness Coach certification program through Wellcoaches,  to expand my professional growth and reach. Wellness, body, mind and soul is fundamental to me and I think really to all of us. So few are the people I have meet who does not desire to feel at their best physically, engaged mentally emotionally in a fulfilling and positive expanding way, and fundamentally at peace that I have 10 finger and 10 toes available  on which to count them. Most people,myself included find ourselves at cross-road and junctions in life where we just need a little extra support to move through the muck and towards our ideal visions of wellness. Wellness coaching fits with me and my background personally and profession.

The Wellcoachs certification program is part of my professional change I noted in my previous post. It’s thrilling and feels so instinctive to me.

The Boston Globe recently featured a front page article on the Wellness and Health Coaching. The Institute on Coaching at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital is featured. I am delighted to tell you that the Codirector of  Institute on Coaching at McLean Hospital is Margaret Moore the founder of Wellcoaches. Ms Moore is active in the Wellcoaches training program and I have had the pleasure of connecting with her through the program.

As Carol Kauffman, the other Codirector at the Instiutue on Coaching said, “Coaching is a process of change that revolves around strengths and potential, rather than feelings of pathology and pain.’’ When  focus on the possible and strengths things really do become possible, with work, even in tremendously difficult or frustrating situation. Read the article for some wonderful stories about people who have experience health and Wellness coaching.


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