Change: the beginning and the end

Talking with friends this past week, catching up after a Holiday Season punctuated by  “The EPIC Move” the question “What word or phrase sums up 2009?” came up over and over. For me the word was change. After more than 18 months of being in a holding pattern, change ebbed in like a rising tide especially the last 5 months of 2009. Fortunately the tide did not rise to high, too, fast, too quickly or in most cases too unexpected. Change can be exhilarating or paralyzing overwhelming. Either way or anywhere along that continuum change comes with its own growing pains.

There was change in my personal life, change in my geographical location, change in my family and change in my professional life. By in large the change was good even when it felt wrenching. After too many months (12+) our lovely house sold to a young family and I am once again living in the same State as my husband. Now we are looking for a new house to craft into our home and to be able to take our belongings out of storage. That year and a half of long distance phone call, and regular trips from the Midwest to the South, could have ruined our marriage. As hard as that change was it did not. And now we have a cat too boot!

After five plus years of working with a terrific group of people we disbanded, as the contract that funded our work together was not renewed. However, knowing the change was coming, I made the move to focus on my Coaching practice. And I am thrilled to have done so. I changed to increase my skills as a Coach and into someone who is starting a company.

I was a witness to the change many other people went through too. Family and friends married, got pregnant, left their jobs, started 1st grade, watch their loved ones die, learned to sing out loud and in front of the crowd, go back to school, got sick and got better, bought a house as phase one of retirement, and discover they can indeed ride with the “big boys” around the Cabot Trail. My husband is grown even more as a professional and into a person who handles change and adversity better than he thought he did.

Change humbled me at times and yes there were a few nights of “I-am-just-going-to-take-a-glass-of-wine-and-sit-in-the-tub-for-a-little-while”. Change inspired me to push, grow, evolve, support, and say yes and no even more deliberately.  Ultimately I am proud of how the husband, my family, friends and I have come through this year of flux and change.

Now the metaphorical dust has settled I am beginning to think about 2010. So 2010 starts with change too, finding a new house to call home. Crafting our lives together in one location again, continuing to evolve as Coach and I am looking forward to the results.  I think there are more good things to come even if they do require change, but I sure hope they don’t involve a move during a major holiday season again.


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