Moving Forward

The moving truck arrives on Monday, Dec. 21, the first day of winter and I head South to join my husband after a longer than wished for separation (1.5 years of weekend visits and long distance phone calls) while waiting to sell a house. The past few weeks have been chock full of all that goes in to selling a house and preparing to move. In the wildness of boxes and packing material and lists of what stays, what goes, and what still remains to be done I was suddenly struck by the importance of taking a moment to reflect on what I am gaining and losing with this move; this great change.


Reunited with husband

Opportunity to “declutter”

Opportunity with husband to create a home again

Celebrate the support of family & friends

Reminder to the real joy of the holiday season: to share good wishes and time with loved ones, reflect on the passing year and consider what the coming year might hold


Physical proximity to some dear friends

Some sleep

Stress of any major change like a move

My family and friends have helped myself and my husband prepare for this move in many ways from bring over empty boxes and recycled packing materials, spending some time helping to pack, offering an ear and occasional tissue when venting was required, a place house sit in our new location so we can get some bearings about where find a new home of our own. We could not have better presents this year than this love and support. Thank you all.

Take a moment to reflect when the days and nights swirl and whirl of their own accord and you might just find some stillness and peace amidst the madness and distractions.

May the winter season of celebrations bring you and yours joy, love, hope and peace.


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