Crossing the Finish Line: Job Well done Team

Some months ago I posted an entry about the Tour de France as a metaphor for how support networks help us to reach our personal finish lines, our goals, especially those goals that are a stretch. Each member of the team offering their unique strengths and gifts to help propel you towards your end goal, celebrating each individual’s efforts and  achievements along the journey as well as the exultant relief of crossing the finish line- job well done. And what’s more so discovering that you can do something hard and long, that you can discover new resources of ability and drive and radiate in gratification from the experience. Gosh talk about a good win. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, a.k.a The Yarn Harlot had a post about completing a 5 K race to raise funds for breast cancer research that illustrates this with humor and grace. Below is a snippet …

“The delightful creature on the left in this shot is my sister-in-law Katie’s friend Lexa, who is an actual distance runner and some Canadian Version of Sporty Spice.  (After the run she went to yoga and then to play vollyball. It didn’t even touch her energy level)  and Lexa did Kate and I the favour of pacing us for the race.   When she said that we were all going to stick together for the race, I was mortified – and not at all sure it was a favour.  All I could think of was that I was not only going to hold them  all back with my pathetic wheezing and molasses like speed, but that I also wasn’t going to be able to let my failure be a secret. Like most people,  I prefer my humiliations pretty private, so it was all I could do not to insist that they leave me to my fate.  She insisted, and it turned out to be wonderful. She’s the best kind of encouragement.  Cheerful, kind, and firm as bloody concrete.”

I encourage you to look at her 10/6/06 post to read the entire story. If you are not a knitter scroll past the knitting  photos until you see the one of 4 women ready to run and read on.  Be inspired. Set yourself a stretch goal, gather your strengths, guts and team and get into action. Keep going, when you are winded take a moment to collect your breath and then keep moving forward, you might just be surprised by how close the finish line is on the horizon.


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