Making Vows: Honoring Intentions, Actions and Your Team

Intentionally declaring your intentions, your plans, and the actions you will to take to meet your goals is an extraordinary behavior with great kinetic potential.  Saying something aloud does not equate with undertaking the action you declare, but it does help to forward your action to a given end. You still need to take the action.

Thoughtfully stating your intentions out loud is akin making a vow.  Much like when giving voice to a sacred ceremonial vow, such as a marriage vow or a pledging one’s fidelity to another, there an assumption of accountability to the other person(s) to whom you make a pledge as well as to the witnesses of this act.  When you declare your intentions to others, in a large or small venue, to a small or large group, or even a single individual, you invite them into your experience and to support your endeavors.  We do this even causally when saying, “I think I will go to the movies this Saturday” to a colleague. The next time you see each other your colleague is likely to ask, “So how was the movie on Saturday? What did you go see?” They too are invested in your efforts.

People are social creatures. By in large we want those around us to do well, so we too can share in their successes and celebrations, be they for grand or small accomplishments. Celebrating the small wins like getting through a week with only 4 negative thoughts about dresses ripping on the dance floor, or 5 strategically and individual crafted emails to your professional network exploring opportunities are as important to acknowledge as celebrating completing all of your heats or landing a new job. It is the small successes that line your path to the bigger goal and the supporters we engage along the way are like a fans and teammate cheering on their riders in the Tour de France. It takes the combination of your intentions and efforts, and your support team to cross your personal finish line.

When undertaking a big challenge, wouldn’t it be great to feel steady support from a variety of people from the different aspects of your life? In the dark moments when you just want to stop, there is a ground swell of support for you to ride back into the light moments. There is an additional flow to energy to feed your efforts. There is a somebody or some bodies at the proverbial finish line encouraging and drawing you ever closer to it.

Having someone on your team, who can and will consistently tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, is critical for you get to the next portion of your path.  This has to happen when the message is overtly and easily positive and even more importantly when the message may be difficult to deliver and hear. We all need at least one person in our lives to provide a reality check, to push us firmly but gentle forward when it is time to in motion. Delivering the difficult messages may be too difficult for a family member, loved one, friend or colleague to tell you when you need it most. If there is someone already in your life you serves this most important role in your life that is great.  Celebrate that gift in your life and thank that person for their unwavering support.

If not, go find someone who can fulfill that role in your life and thank them along the path you travel. This could be a mentor at work, a rabbi, Imam, pastor, or a Coach. A coach can be a wonderful addition to your team of supporters, their focus is to keep your big picture in mind, when you don’t, can’t or won’t. Your Coach is focused on you and your goals for creating a personally satisfying and better life. They are always in your corner and can help you rally the rest of your support team. Frankly you are not paying them to bull****you, the stakes are too high- this is your life.

As I look at the calendar and see that in less than 4 days I’ll be limbering up wearing a rhinestone dress and putting on my game face, I want to think my support team. My husband, my mom, dad, stepmom, my sister and brother, in-laws, nephews and a wealth of cousins. My dance family. My friends. My colleagues at the conference last week. My dance instructor and coach. My Coach/Mentor and my coaching colleagues. On Friday and Saturday, when I dance at the Windy City Open, I know you will all be with me literally or figuratively, cheering me on. It is to each and everyone of you I dedicate my dances. Without you I wouldn’t have come this close to my personal finish line and because of you I know I will cross it, ripped dresses, bruised toes, or not.


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