Everything hurts: Do I have to keep doing this?

My body hurts from practicing my dance  routine, steps and specific techniques (dang delayed hip action).  One big toe is black and blue courtesy of a nasty landing I took from a jump with a less then stellar landing (Note to self, remember to keep your heels parallel and glued together in mind air and when landing).  My back and legs are sore from moving a lot. And top it all off I have managed to aggravate an old knee injury and stress a wrist enough for some of the muscle is tearing away from the bone. I can’t even conceive of how I managed to do that… All on the left side of my body- I am feeling lopsided.

My brain hurts from introducing 10, not 9 like I was counting before, but ten new pieces of choreography in the past few weeks and all of the dang Rhinestones. I don’t care if I ever see an other rhinestone in my life. Some days one routine blends into an other. Sometimes I can’t seem to coordinate the signals from my brain with what my muscles are doing.

Somebody please remind me why I am doing this? My back hurts, my foot hurts, I keep mixing up my routine. Really why I am I doing this, aside from keeping the manufactures’ of rhinestones, and my chiropractor in business? Which, incidentally, I like to think of this as the Danahar Stimulus package. This was the self-indulgent conversation I had with a coaching colleague the other day. Wisely my colleague turned my own question back to me. Deirdre, Why are you doing this?

There comes a time when you hurt from growth. As a child and adolescent we all literally had growing pains. Well growth as an adult is no different. Change is uncomfortable. It takes time for new ideas to root themselves in our brains, for muscles memory to be created, for the bumps and kinks to be smoothed out.

There comes a point when the idea of quitting is very seductive. And stopping can always be a choice.  Sometimes is the best choice, because there is a  significant danger ahead, or a great permanent negative consequence looming if you keep on a path. But more often than not, when you are pursuing a goal that is rooted in your values and is pushing for growth, the best choice is to allow for the growing pains.

So I rested more this past week than I might have otherwise. I became well acquainted with my ice packs again and offered up a prayer of thanks for the inventor of the heating pad. And I remembered that I am capable, and if I mix up a routine, a) I have a partner who can help get us back on course and b) it is not the end of the world nor is it an absolute reflection of whom I am. Sunday I had to remind myself of this during and after an exhibition in Chicagoland.

Allow for the growing pains in your own big challenge. Keep moving through them.  If it is too much, take a break and try again. Reach out to others for a dose of reality and support. Remember, you have a choice, to do or not and there are consequences for both choices . Which choice will you make to lead you down a path of few regrets?


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