Zen of Rhinestone Application, part 1

During this period of preparing for the Windy City Open, I am also engaged as part of a National Planning Committee for an upcoming conference for community -based organizations involved in HIV and Substance Abuse prevention for under-resourced populations. I am honored to be part of this effort again; this is the 3rd or 4th iteration of the conference. There are always frustrations that come with being part of a group planning process, however, this particular go around has been extraordinarily complicated and frustrating for too many reasons.  After several particularly long and trying days of working on this project, I have done a significant amount of work on stoning my dresses.

I lose myself in the process of mapping out the design and apply the stones. Stone, by stone, by stone and inch, by inch, by inch. Regularly stepping back to look at how the process is coming along. Ensuring that I am staying to my planned design and making adjustments as needed. Some evenings an hour or two have gone by without my really noticing and the tension I felt from the conference planning effort has dissipated. There was even a brainstorm that resulted in the successful addressing of a pending issue.

Sometimes just letting go of a nagging issue and allowing yourself to become fully and completely immersed in an other unrelated activity provides the release you need to decompress as well as generate novel approaches to problems. You discover unforeseen abilities and recall forgotten ones.


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