Values of Dancing

My quest to push myself as a dancer and confront the challenge of stage fright and frankly of being judged by others is grounded in my personal values. I have learned through personal and at times painful experience that to be unclear or untrue to ones values is setting your self up for regrets, resentment and disappointment.

I also find that dancing lends itself to expression of some specific values. Taking an informal poll of fellow ballroom dancers here is in no particular order a brief list:

  • Honesty/Authencity- people can tell if you are forcing something, it looks false and it is a turn off, but to watch someone dance who is fully in the movement, in union with music and their partner is a captivating sight, regardless of how technically proficient one is or not.
  • Partnership- for obvious reasons.
  • Communication- much of the lead and follow in partner dancing is through non-verbal communication from the energy sent and received through arms, hands, chest and legs, but also through making eye contact with your partner, and the people around you.
  • Health/ Well being/Fitness – once you start moving you keep moving and one health focused effort leads to an other, physical activity, food choices, stretching, etc.
  • Creativity/Aesthetics/Beauty- an art form broad enough to embrace individual expressions of beautiful movement, music’s, colors and shapes.
  • Community/Fellowship- when you dance you have something in common, a shared experience, even if in only one area of life, to be connected to contribute to that shared connection opens up the sense of belonging. People celebrate together and pull together in times of need.

When you are crystal clear about your values and take actions guided by these, you create a life that is personally successful, satisfying and rejuvenating. People who live the “good life” live with happiness rooted in a deep-rooted sense of harmony and flow with their values that is reflected in how they live their daily lives.

Your happiness and harmony increase when you:

  • Are crystal clear about the values most important to you.
  • Make decisions that are guided by your most important values.
  • You bring integrity to everything you do.

Knowing and Living Your Values:

A Path for Harmony and Happiness

Saturday August 29th, I will be hosting this workshop in which you will have an opportunity to clarify your personal values and see where you can take concrete steps to cultivate purposefully living out your values each day. I invite you to join us on Saturday, August 29, 2009.

Time: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Inner Wisdom Bookstore, 31 N Kellogg St, Galesburg, IL

RSVP by Tuesday, August 25, 2009 at (309) 343-8806

Investment: $25, willingness to be open to possibilities and 1.5 hours

Benefits: Clarity, Focus, Satisfaction


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