A sense of place, peace and wonder

Some time ago a friend described to me the importance of sense of place to her. When you know a particular city, region or neighborhood holds a home or an embrace of sorts for you. There is something about the location that just fits what you need for a minute, a week or a lifetime. She is a Southerner who deeply loves the landscape, charms and quirks of her home state and the South as a whole. However, she also feels a compelling, spiritual pull for the Rocky Mountains, Este’s Park area in particular.

Mountains, big hills, the scent of balsam, humus, clean air, the sound of rushing stream, rolling waves, the crack of a twig underfoot… all of these elements evoke a powerful sense of place and peace for me. Recently I was fortunate to travel the Cabot Trail in breathtaking Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with my husband and some friends. They cycled the trail (its not the Tour De France but hat’s off to them) and I happily drove the SAG (support and gear wagon) enjoying the scenery and some hiking, it was a restorative and wonderful trip.


The photos from the trip help to ease the transition back into the chaotic world of work and other every day normal tasks.  I just breath better when I look at them. Someone wise once said if you can change your breath you can change your life. The stress of changes at work, selling a house, managing the grocery shopping… all become much more contained and smaller with each breath and each look. I hope you enjoy the views above and have a sense of place of your own that can transport you and connects you with something deeply personal and exultant.


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