Words to Consider: “Creativity comes from trust. Trust …”

Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. – Rita Mae Brown

“Trust your instincts.” “Go with your gut.” “You know what is right for you.” At some point in time we have all uttered these words and probably have had them said to us too. When do we say or hear these words? Most often when facing a difficult decision. Sometimes the decision forces us to confront facts we would rather not. Other times the decision involves compelling but competing options, or a decision that is right but does not make sense to others.  It can be difficult to trust your instincts and go with your gut.

How often have we really reached down in to the knowing core of ourselves, where our hearts and minds speak the same language and gone with our gut? It is an act of faith we step off the proverbial ledge and trust.

We all know how our sense of certainly has been knocked well off kilter in the last year or more.  Dang the old adages of “Everything changes. What goes up is bound to come down.” are true.  How then do we trust our instincts when the good fortunes experienced so many people seemed as if they would go on endlessly and it turned out we were wrong? Very wrong, even though deep down inside we knew that the continued spectacular economic growth and accompanying feelings of stability were not realistic.  Getting back to the fundamentals, the basics, the core truths and values of your self provides the environment to trust yourself, your instincts, your gut. This environment is one you carry within yourself and demands we are mindful of what is already right with us and the world.

We put so much energy in to what we see as wrong with ourselves and in the world. We are bombarded with reminders aplenty of what is not “right” through the amazing technologies available to us. What if we decide to take that energy into what is already right with us, in our connections with our exterior world as well as our interior world of sensory perceptions, thoughts and our emotions? Would we then begin to see the interface, the deep interconnectedness of our senses, and discover or rediscover the intuitive pull for balance? It is the intuitive pull for balance that I think is speaking to us through our knowing gut, our instincts.

To get back on a sense of balance we first need to know where our “knowing gut” is located in our bodies. For some people it is indeed in the abdomen, for others it is in their solar plexus. For you, who knows, it could be in your hamstring muscle of your left leg.  Once you rediscover where your “knowing gut” resides you need to be present enough to hear what is saying. Being present in the current moment slows down time and affords you the opportunity to choose to trust your instincts, a wee bit of magic in this frenetic day and age.

Tomorrow, I’ll share an exercise I use with my clients to help find their knowing gut and rediscover mine when it get lost in the smog of uncertainty, other people’s opinions and the distractions we all encounter in our daily lives.


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